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Case Studies

Severe Grout Replacement

Read how we took a worn, broken-down kitchen floor and returned it to a wonderful, clean masterpiece.

Floor and Wall Repair

We were called into action due to dangerously damaged walls and a kitchen floor that was beyond the need for repair.

Fat-Oil-Grease Removal

It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Our team cleaned some of the dirtiest areas of a steakhouse and brought life back to the building.

Mold Removal

Healthy conditions should be a top priority in your workplace. Fineline heeded the call of a well-known restaurant and fixed their problem of unwanted bacteria growth.

Table Base Replacement

We found a cost effective way to not only remove an eyesore, but also protect the future of a flawless customer experience.

Kitchen Ceiling Replacement

Safety, security, and sanitation are benchmarks that a restaurant must hold high. We returned their highest asset, their ceiling, to outstanding condition.

Barn Siding Replacement

What can seem to be a smaller cosmetic issues could cause a branding disaster. Our team sprang into action fix an imminent problem.

Poly-Crete Urethane Flooring

When our clients are rough on their floors, we recommend a Poly-Crete Urethane installation. Read how we rose to the occasion.

Exterior Tile Cleaning

With a myriad of elements in the Midwest, the exterior of a building can take a beating. Download our case study illustrating how we improved the decorative tiles of this large chain.